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>> jimmy: oh wow. that's some disney movie we got going on there. >> jimmy: thanks for watching. great lineup next week, andy samburg, kelly ripa, the founder of tesla motors and space x, and we'll have music from dido, and join us. "nightline" is next. >> tonight, love hurts. in a culture entlaled with 50 shades of gray, how bondage is quickly joining chocolate and roses, the mainstream expression of modern love. swords and arrows may be s discouraged in most offices but in disney pixar they are a requirement. i trip to the funhouse where block busters are made. and the fireball, the sky
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falls in russia as a meteorite of epic proportions explodes into smoldering piece s over an unsuspecting town. how safe are the rest of us? >> "nightline" is back in 60
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>> announcer: from new york city, this is "nightline" with bill weir. >> for most, 50 shades of gray is a at this timeling but harmless way to turn the girls in your book club 50 shades of red, but for some high-priced kink classeschanging the definition of romance. lisa ling reveals the world where things aren't always what they seem, including the names of the participants. >> for my pleasure --
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>> reporter: this is mistress nina payne. >> all you need do is remember that your purpose is to serve and please me. >> reporter: she's a professional dominatrix. >> you can go ahead and greet me properly by kissing the tops of my boot. start from the bottom and work your way up. >> reporter: in real life her name is kimi inch and she's a master of bdsm, bondageage discipline, dominance and submission, saidism and ma masochism. clients play hundreds of dollars an hour to submit to her every whim toer about her submissive. there are variety of playrooms with names like the vault. >> i'll restrict you even further. >> reporter: this is one small part of the world of bdsm a world i immerse myself in for "our america" on own, brought out of the shadows by the p
12:39 am
popularity of the book "50 shade of gray" it's been mainstream, teaching people how to engage in nonstandard sexual practices called kink, things like spanking. >> instead of going in with a flat palm like so, i prefer to sort of slightly cup the hand. so it's going to sound like i'm hitting him a lot harder than i am. and that sound is going to stimulate him in some many different ways. >> reporter: next, she introduces the audience to another form of power exchange, letting someone tie you up. in the bdsm world it's called rope play. >> you'll sort of wrap it around twice, like so. twich twist it at the top, through the hands and tie it just like so. >> reporter: i'm told being bond at someone else's mercy can be a turn-on but i quickly find out which side of the power exchange i prefer. i definitely don't like to have my hands tied up.
12:40 am
i feel loss of control. i start to feel anxious. even before "50 shades of grea " -- gray" made it popular people were participating. >> your nerves get mixed up and excited and hormones leased and you're experiencing things that are physical and psychological and that experience is an adrenaline rush. >> reporter: experts suggest between 15 and 20% of the american public has done something kinky in the bedroom and some may look like the couple next door, a couple like keith and monica. they are happily married and live in a small new england town. ♪ they also happen to practice bdsm. >> extra curricular activities with rope and floggers and all sort was kinky activities. >> i think that just normal stuff that a lot of regular people, if they knew how to do
12:41 am
these things would be thinking, yeah, it's not so bizarre. >> reporter: they play in the spare bedroom with what monica calls pervertibles, regular household items easily converted to toys. >> this is our playroom where we keep our toys and our pervertibles. this is our favorite room in the house. >> here we have the whole array of things, wooden spoons, wooden spatulas, these i got on the clearance table at the local grocery store for probably about $2. >> and there are spatulas that can be used in a similar way. also makes a nice spanking device and actually deliver more sound than pain. >> reporter: but like any marriage there can be personality clashes and when marriage partners dabble in bdsm there can be kinks in the kink. >> when we play, i have no problem submitting to monica but when it's my turn to dom it
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isn't always so smooth. >> reporter: monica and keith take a road trip to a bdsm b & b la domain where she gets a lesson to submit. >> when you control the detwhals feeling are you having? what's the emotion there? >> it's always been my job, my responsibility, make sure everything is just so. because nobody else is going to do it. >> right. >> i'm the one who has to do it. >> reporter: that night they practice what they learned. but back in a los angeles dungeon, kimi says her work is strictly business. you don't have sex with your client, you have a rule against it entirely. >> there is so much more going on with bdsm it's way more intense, way more intimate and way more psychological, i don't need to have sex with my clients in order to get them to that
12:43 am
place. >> reporter: everything has been negotiated ahead of time and is con consensual, the heart of bdsm. >> thank you, miss nina. >> i think i'll enjoy playing with you. >> reporter: talking openly about bdsm is rare and even with the "50 shades of gray" phenomenon engage mostly in secret. but some who practice it there is no going back. >> i can't imagine discontinuing these grace sources of pleasure, it's unthinkable. >> since i consider kink to be an integral part of who i am, to not do kink would be denying part of who i am. >> reporter: part of life for many americans exploring some very different shades. for "nightline" i'm lisa ling in los angeles. >> lisa ling's "our america" airs tuesday nights on own. coming up next, studios racked up 29 academy aawards, disney pixar may find number 30 with "brave" and come along as
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. how does a little upstart movie studio win 29 oscars in just 18 years while vacuuming billions at the box office? well, it helps to build the coolest office space in america. complete with a hidden speak easy, free cereal and sword fights and use it to attract the best computer animators and
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storytellers in the world. "brave" the latest feel-good academy nominated to come out of pixar and before the director dons the red carpet tux, he give us a look at the hit for our series "oscar confidential." >> reporter: here's what happens when you combine disney-style fairy tale with a healthy dose of pixar movie magic, "brave" an epic tale of a not-so-fair princess named merida. "brave" grossed more than $500 million, taken home a golden globe and in line to earn pixar a seventh oscar for best animated movie. >> i'm merida first born -- >> reporter: armed with a bow and arrow she's a fiery redheaded last whoredhead ed lass whose battle is more with her mother who is unhappy that unlike other disney
12:50 am
princesses, she has no intention of marrying a prince, she's more interested in fighting for her freedom. "brave's" director mark andrews knows a thing or two about freedom, his job description including bows and arrows and he gave us a glimpse in a place he calls an office. >> when i came on board, this is what i do at home and weekends when to have a good time or exercise. >> reporter: it may look like fun and games but this is how the filmmakers actually research. he wanted animators to know how it felt to hold weight of the sword so they could recreate that reality in the film. >> i used a quillen to catch that, i could lock that sword down, and then -- you know, use the other parts of my body to fight. >> reporter: so the video we see of the film is there something that looks like that. >> yeah. >> that sword catch. >> i catch down and merida comes
12:51 am
like that. >> he's bye-bye night-night. >> reporter: this intense research is nothing new for pixar. whose 13 movies have won over hearts and wallets with blockbusters like "finding nemo" and trilogy of "totoy stories. they went to scotland to get details right. >> to lie down in the heather and to get out of wind and see how dark the water is, that changes the person, that's a characteristic, we put that in the film, that helps make this story, those details real, so an audience wants to be swept away and go to these places. >> reporter: what really stands out in "brave" is her fight against her parents' plans to get her married. >> i want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind. >> reporter: and her curly, fiery red hair. why red hair? >> basically we want to see her in every frame of the film like
12:52 am
that. >> reporter: for pixar this is also their first fairy tale, movies they never liked before. hon echtly, my memory is i was the one that would walk into the room and say i hate fairy tale movies and you got to make it be something i would want to enjoy. and so i was sort of throwing the gauntlet down as test case for can you make people that wouldn't normally want to go to a movie that has castles and princes want to see it? >> reporter: in 2006 pixar was bought by abc's parent company disney, the studio stands as a citadel of creativity, steve jobs designed the at rhrium to people out and mingle and cultivate ideas. pixar developed incredible software, john lassiter told us the real goal is to be remembered mostly as storytellers. >> we never wanted the technology to be the thing that people were interested in.
12:53 am
it's a story and it's the characters. >> reporter: that old addage may be truer than ever, first pixar film with a female protagonist. >> a dynamic character, always in motion, kinetic, even her teenageness, that is vad venture and action, he's in transition. >> she has her flaws, we wanted to represent that. you don't want a movie about a bratty teenager nor about a domineering mother. they have to each give and that was really hard to fine tune. >> reporter: a teenager who in a moment of rebellion turns her mother into a bear. and spends the rest of the film trying to save her. why did you come up with this idea that the mother would be a bear? does that show her stronger? >> you know, first of all, there is the protection element. no one, no one more powerful than a mother bear protecting her young. there is that protectiveness.
12:54 am
>> reporter: as they have so many times before, pixar has pushed creative boundaries as far as they can and this is where the fantasy begins with a bunch of grownup kids. for "nightline," bob road ruff -- woodruff in emeriville, california. >> see how "brave" fares here on abc february 24, the big show airs. coming up next from the hurricane-ravaged shores of new orleans to battle scarred hills afghanistan, this team of air force warriors has a job as terrifying as it is heroic. hey, it's me, progressive insurance. you know, from our 4,000 television commercials. yep, there i am with flo. hoo-hoo! watch it! [chuckles] anyhoo, 3 million people switched to me last year, saving an average of $475. [sigh] it feels good to help people save... with great discounts like safe driver, multicar, and multipolicy. so call me today. you'll be glad you did.
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since 9/nel9/11 the 38th re squadron saves lives at home and abroad. here is a taste inside combat rescue. >> what is it? >> reporter: some people freeze in moments of chaos. >> scramble. scramble. >> reporter: the 38th rescue squadron moves. >> there is possible
1:00 am
simultaneous explosions. >> reporter: gotten word that two u.s. troops wounded in suicide bombing in kandahar. they know the city is still under attack but the members of elite squadron known don't wais second, in a specially equipped helicopter. >> it's you were be urban opes. >> reporter: they are winging into danger to save the americans. they find a landing site and with a trail helo providing cover from above the injured are loaded. as they take off they are already performing triage but it is tough to dress slal nhrapnel you're flying emergency wound is under fire. the helicopter drops flares to avoid potential heat-seeking
1:01 am
missiles and sprints back to base to delifrt injured into an awaiting ambulance. just another day at the office them, they work under the humble motto "that others may live." they're a special breed, trained paramedics, highly skilled warrior,able to find their way in and out to rescue a wounded souldi soldier under any chchbs. >> it's worth it to risk your life to save another life, it's worths worth it to help get that guy home. >> reporter: this captain is in his first deployment and thoughts often drift to a wife and baby daughter named zoe. hello wife and baby. >> she waited up for you. >> hi. look at that little baby. >> reporter: staff sergeant brett taylor is on his fifth depl deployment, already has orders for his sixth. he, like many of the men, is not
1:02 am
immune to the impact of what he sees every day. >> american with both his legs blown off below his knee and kids all burned their entire body. i mean, it suction putting somebody in -- sucks putting somebody in a body bag. sorry. >> scramble. scramble. >> reporter: the tempo can be relentless, today, another wounded american. >> special forces green beret. >> reporter: his leg is blown off by an ied. life threatening, critical injury, they know they need to get him back to the hospital with in the critical golden hour if he's going to survive. fellow soldiers kiss him good-bye, losing blood, his iv failed, flying high above the afghanistan desert they drill
1:03 am
into his arm to deliver blood directly to the bone. back in kandahar, they turn the wounded special forces soldier over to the surgeons. they later learn that he survived. he's on his way home. home for the 38th rescue squadron is moody air force base in georgia. this is where they train between deployments, honing rescue skills and coordination and pilots that ferry them in and out of danger. a recent screening of national geographics inside combat rescue perhaps first time family members like eric's wife lauren really understood what they do in the field. >> i hear the story from eric what he's experienced and what he's been through but to watch it is a whole other level. so many of us -- it's not part of our daily lives. >> hopefully the show helps to explain the major sacrifices
1:04 am
that our service members are making, i'm not talking about us, it's not about us, it's about the dudes we're going to pick up. >> reporter: picking them up so that they may live. "inside combat rescue" premieres this monday february 18 on national geographic channel. >>. >> time for the closing argument, earlier today a chunk of asteroid the size of a tractor-trailer fell to earth over central russia, hit the earth's atmosphere 19 miles per second, blazing brighter than the sun, exploded into fiery pieces, shock waves enough to rip the roof of a factory, blow the windows out of thousand was buildings and injure over 1200 with cuts and concussions, so leads to the question of the night, what natural phenomenon frightens you most? you can share your thoughts on "nightline's" facebook page or tweet us @nightline. ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors.

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